At Dojo Tees we believe that people should receive quality, custom t-shirts at an affordable cost.  Of course, we have our own designs that we sell in our store, but this does not limit us to what we can provide to others.

Custom Shirts

We can put almost any design on a shirt.  We utilize a vinyl heat press process to make shirts that stand out, and have designs that don’t fade.   We can make single shirts, or we can do bulk runs – which ever fits your needs.  We can design the shift from scratch, if you like, or we can use one of your designs.  All you need to do is let us know what your needs are and we will see if we can fulfill them.


Before starting Dojo Tees, we worked with a t-shirt company (now out of business) who would make our shirts on demand for a standard cost.  This allowed us, as a small business, to not have to order a lot of stock and still provide products to our customers.  This was such a great service, and relationship we had with the other company, we wanted to offer the same thing to other small businesses.  The way we run the process… Once a shirt or set of shirts are designed, we will give you the option to have just a custom page for your products ( or have a custom page for your shirts and have them as part of our general store.  Any time someone buys one of your shirts, any profit from that shirt will be paid back to you in the form of a royalty check.  We will also set your account up so you can by your own designs at wholesales costs.